Digital Futures: The Future UK Border

Presented by Capgemini & Early Metrics

Key tech enablers for tomorrow's border system

Borders across the globe are transforming at an electric pace to keep up with an ever-changing backdrop of opportunities and expectations. Among these, the exponential increase of people and goods crossing the border, associated security threats, and the need for frictionless and hygienic end-to-end solutions.

We envisage a data-driven and unified border of the future: digitally seamless, intuitive and safeguarded against disruption.

What solutions are needed to create such a border system? And how can governments work with startups and innovation stakeholders to realise their vision?

This report, brought to you by Capgemini and Early Metrics, delves into the trends and technologies that will shape the border of the future, with a particular focus on the UK. It showcases key case studies and includes exclusive insights from experts in the private and public sector - including Heathrow Airport, Circulor and Open Borders Direct.

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